TrackBack Spider – trackback spam tool

TrackBack Spider – trackback spam tool

Trackback Spider is a tool by some dude named Jared, and was promoted a while ago on a seminar by some “guru” named Keith Baxter.

You can go here and waste 40 minutes on a webinar listening to what this tool does, what trackbacks are, how TB Spider works etc…. but if you’re here you probably already know what trackbacks are (blog to blog notifications of being linked to).

I got Trackback spider a long time ago and almost immediately canceled it because trackback spam was something that I thought would be a short-lived gimmicky method, and also back then when I saw that I had to create databases and run cron jobs, I ran, not walked away from that stuff because basically I like, and still do like, easy to use interfaces, but if you add layers of complexity on top of doing spam linking then I’m all set with that, not gonna do it.

Obviously things have changed, since this site you’re on now has gotten more popular and more requests have come in for reviews on all sorts of stuff so I bought 2 copies of TB Spider, or rather I asked some people to get it since allegedly only 1 copy was gonna be made available and I fell for the lies err false scarcity tactics there, which puts Jared on my S*T list… so I ended up with at least 2 copies…

What’s TrackBack spider do?

It sends out trackbacks to sites you want links back from, so let’s say you have a self improvement site, or blog and you want links back from other sites in same niche, then you send them trackbacks and once those trackbacks are approved by the recipients, ie, the other site owners, they will most likely approve the trackbacks without doing too much due diligence.

If that’s the case, then great, you got yourself a trackback for a site in your niche and hopefully it’s a Dofollow link, most blogs are Nofollow by default on their trackbacks by the way, by default.

Also, if the site owner/trackback recipient does do due diligence before approving the trackback you sent, they’re going to check to see if there really was a trackback sent, and that they were, in fact, linked to form another site somewhere (YOU).

What Trackback spider allegedly does is spoofs a backlink to those sites in hopes that the recipients see the trackback-giving url linking to them, and then they go away, go back to their site, and approve the trackback/link.

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