The Latest Google Algo Update

The Latest Google Algo Update

(Farmer) The Future of Article Spinning , Musa from ArticleRanks speaks!

This article was provided, unsolicited, by Musa from Article Ranks, which is STILL currently a recommended solution for getting backlinks to your sites.

Begin article:

So, Google has officially released a statement that they have launched a new algorithm targeting content farms and un original content sites. We have had a lot of people contacting us and saying they are worried about the changes and where the future of article spinning stands. So how does this new update affect article spinning and services like our own

Let me tell you now that in most instances this is going to not affect us a huge amount and let me tell you why.

1) Google are cracking down on sites with duplicate content

2) Google are cracking down on sites with very low quality content

Now in essence none of these facts apply to article spinning (maybe a low percentage does), but the whole purpose of article spinning was to do the following.

1) Create unique content and avoid it being marked as duplicate

2) Make sure that each of these unique versions were high enough quality

So we have concluded that article spinning is much higher quality than scraper sites and it is not spreading duplicated content across the web. Saying this though, article spinning is also going to be slightly hit by this change and the people/sites that are going to be hit are

1) People who have not bothered to spin articles more than 100% ( Alot of people become lazy when it comes to spinning and spin articles just enough to get good distribution numbers)

2) Site owners who have been accepting content that was spun only 50% (For example on ArticleRanks, you now have the option of only accepting content spun at least 300%)

Overall if you are article spinning make sure that you are creating good content that reads well and that is spun at least 250%, this will not only get you higher quality links, but they will not get devalued by any of the search engines. In the end that is what Google wants and has always wanted, unique content which is useful to the user.

People that will feel the full wrath of these changes are going to be people who have been

1) Traditional article marketing (Submitting the same article to hundreds of different outlets)

2) Sites such as ezine, hubpages and more which have a vast amount of duplicated content.

On a site note. Google have been saying for years that they can easily spot duplicate content. So why has duplicate content been ranking so high? Why have scraper sites been in the top 10, top 5 and more? Were we not all told years ago that Google could easily detect duplicate content? As I have always said dont take Google’s word for anything, do your own tests and come to your own conclusions.

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