SEM Business Blueprint

SEM Business Blueprint

SEM Business Blueprint is a new product masterminded by the great Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey. SEM Business Blueprint is a MASSIVE course that shows you how to start your own Search Engine Marketing (SEM) business from the ground up. This is how Steven got his start in the internet marketing world. He would run his SEM Business for clients while he tried to figure this whole “internet marketing” game out.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey, they are the creators of the highly acclaimed product Commission Blueprint. Commission Blueprint was the first product that ACTUALLY taught me how to do pay-per-click (PPC) by selling Clickbank products.

Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey specialized in selling consumer Clickbank products using PPC and as a result, raked in $1.2 million dollars with their techniques. They revealed their exact strategy in Commission Blueprint and as a result, ordinary people have went on to replicate their system and make boat-loads of money for themselves.

Now, SEM Business Blueprint has launched and it is SURE to be packed FULL of valuable information. SEM is a big business. The average Joe small business person knows nothing about building websites, pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization, and writing ad copy. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have time to do it all and do it well.

That’s where you and SEM Business Blueprint comes in. Think about all the small towns that have plumbers, electricians, repairman, lawn care specialists, craft stores, bicycle shops, mattress and furniture stores, etc. The list literally goes on and on. Just pick up your local phone book (if you still have one).

More and more people are coming online everyday and the local mom and pop small business is slow to catch on to the trend. With SEM Business Blueprint, you’ll know exactly how to find these prospects, how to go about providing your services, and how to start a thriving SEM business that can generate you a six-figure income from just a few clients.

You will become an EXPERT Search Engine Marketer.

Local businesses want to establish their presence online but don’t know how! The average person is just way too busy running their day-to-day operations and is more than willing to pay for your services.

I know what you’re thinking…

“I’m no professional SEM Marketer. How am I supposed to start a SEM Business with my few internet skills that I have?”

That’s the best part about SEM Business Blueprint, you don’t need to be an expert… you don’t even need to be intermediate! I know it sounds crazy at this point but TRUST ME, it’s 100% accurate. SEM Business Blueprint teaches you EVERYTHING that you need to do. It gives you all the resources you will need to be successful. It’s a business in a box that you can take out and implement tonight.

Why should small businesses choose you?

It’s simple. You are not going to charge them a crooked amount like some Search Engine “Experts”. These small businesses are DESPERATE for exposure. They need more business especially during these rough economic times. Once you go through SEM Business Blueprint, you will BE a search engine expert yourself. But you’ll be able to provide services to whomever you want. You will be in charge of your financial future. No more boss telling you what to do.

You can grow a tiny little SEM Business into a massive SEM Firm with a little determination. That’s more for people that want to make millions of dollars – not just a six-figure income.

SEM Business Blueprint teaches you HOW to market your services and comes complete with powerpoint presentations, videos, legal documents, guides, and a ton more.

What exactly do you get with SEM Business Blueprint?

SEM Business Blueprint – Phase 1 SEM_Blueprint The first section of SEM Business Blueprint will show you exactly why this is such an exceptionally easy and effective way to make thousands of dollars online.

SEM Business Blueprint –Phase 2 In this section you will get simple step by step instructions on how to set up your Pay Per Click and SEO management services and reveal how, once you have everything running, new customers will pay you up front fee of as much as $2500 BEFORE you actually do any work…

SEM Business Blueprint – Phase 3 In this section of the SEM Business Blueprint video series you will learn exactly how to set up your customers campaigns once you have received all the information about their business… You’ll also learn: * The inner workings of an essential tool that will save you hours of work. * The exact steps to take if your campaigns aren’t receiving any traffic. * How to offer highly sought after SEO services (even if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization) and charge a fortune for grabbing the #1 spot in Google. * How to outsource all your SEO work for pennies on the dollar. * How to offer website development services that you can then outsource on the cheap.

SEM Business Blueprint – Phase 4 In this section of the blueprint you will get a full-on exposé of the inner workings of this type of online business by taking you behind the scenes and showing you real life examples from the authors own accounts…

SEM Business Blueprint – Phase 5 In this section of the course you learn where and how to find high paying customers.

You’ll also get some extra bonuses that will put you on the fast track to $1,000 by Next Week.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 1. The Complete ‘Worth Overdoing’ Website: * This is the entire multi-page website you will use to advertise your business and attract clients. Just take a look at the site. It absolutely sends the right message to potential clients that you are a serious business person ready to do some serious work. Originally, ‘Worth Overdoing’ cost them over $3000 to have made. The content is already done for you so all you need to do is set up a domain name, put your picture and name on it, and get it online. This can be done in as little as 30 minutes. It will surely save you weeks of research and a fortune in copywriting and development.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 2. The Complete ‘Wired Wave’ Website: * This is the second website Steven Clayton created for their SEM business and, like the first one, will enable you to get your business up and running as fast as possible. Everything is ready to go and it comes complete with detailed descriptions of the SEO, social networking and Adwords services you can offer.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 3. The Formulas: Here you get 2 unique formulas which will enable you to work out exactly how much you should be spending for your clients on Google Adwords as well as what campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists you should be using. In other words, bonus number three takes the guess-work out of SEM and gives you a dupliacable system you can use to manage campaigns.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 4. Link Building Plan: This SEO link building plan will help your customers achieve higher search engine results. Your clients will get to see first-hand your expertise in action.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 5. Powerpoint Presentation: Here you will get highly professional power point presentation you can use to to demonstrate to customers how effective marketing on the internet can be. Your clients will pour in thanks to this bonus. You will have so much business coming your way you won’t know what to do with it all.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 6. A Sample Radio Commercial: You will also get an example of a radio commercial that was run for us on the local radio station so you can copy it and create your own. Think about it. A good majority of Americans are self-employed. I’m sure you see work vans and independently-owned business logos on the sides of these vehicles. They’re always driving somewhere and ALWAYS looking for more business. A radio commercial will flood you SEM Business with new clients everytime it airs.

SEM Business Blueprint Bonus 7. Proposal & Statement of Work: Finally, SEM Business Blueprint is going to hand you a full proven business proposal that you can send out to customers which lays out the objectives, goals, services, and additional services you will provide. This is important so both you and your customers know exactly what to expect. The example that you can copy and adjust in this instance was originally for a $2375 order with $1200/month on-going fees… again just for one client.

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