Quick update on some services

Quick update on some services

I’ve been super-busy training for my third Boston Marathon and haven’t divulged as many reviews and tests and updates as I’d like to, so here’s some quick information on what’s going on with some services we’ve been looking at and/or currently using…

NOTE: If you’d like to donate to my Boston Marathon charity, here’s the link, many many thanks in advance if you do contribute. I’ll make a separate page on this site divulging training regimen, eating regimen, progress made, other races I’ve entered etc… if anyone’s interested.

Magic Submitter – have been making some improvements and might be worth doing a full scale review soon. Review is actually under way and will be out in a month or so.

LinxBoss- they’re adding some things that no other service can provide, or will provide, and also adding more indexing power to their offering. Their L4L will be improved soon, too. Still having issues with people seeing their links in linkscheckers and it’s still hit or miss, and might be downgraded soon. It’s their most regular complaint and they’re taking steps to address this, but it does improve SERPs in more cases than not still, and is a decent way to age new-ish sites until you’re ready ramp things up.

BacklinksGenie- I love this service, they provide automated links but almost as importantly, they provide a variety of links which is crucial, and almost makes them a one-stop shop. Discount for their service coming soon. Other types of links coming soon, too

Unique Article Wizard – might be time to put this dinosaur of a service to rest since it’s a bit of a bear to use and there’s one-time fee article submitters that GIVE YOU the urls of your articles. However, there’s lots of little things you can do to make it more effective, but some other services don’t require a lot of added back-end effort to make their article submissions work better. UAW also provides somewhat targeted traffic from somewhat relevant sites, and traffic to a URL IS a ranking factor, albeit a minor one and something to consider when doing article marketing…

Article Marketing Robot- Vince keeps working on making a better product here and it seems to be a product that could be a mainstay for article submissions. Other in-the-works development stuff that will make it even better, and it’s the only service that gives you a big list of valid links of submitted articles.

Content Crooner and Content Buzz- these both turned out to be duds, the interfaces and ease of use just aren’t there, whether it be for getting articles accepted properly o rjust being able to use these tools.

DripFeedBlasts – they raised their prices and their valid links % is not as good as other similar, easy to use automated profile linking services.

Blast Bank- they have better valid links % than DFB, but not as good as a percentage as MegaLinkblaster. BlastBank has lower percentage of “naked links” (just url no anchor text) than MegaLinkBlaster does.

MegaLinkblaster- working well so far, but these services tend to drop drastically in effectiveness over time, but they’re also doing something too few services do; they’re advising you how to use their services effectively, not just giving out links. They give out link reports, but their interface is atrocious and not user-friendly and they’re working on that.

LinkLicious – cool idea, I like the automation aspect since I don’t want to do any of the things it does for me, myself manually. It’s a time-saver for those interested in doing things as automated as possible, but all this can be done manually for free if you possessed the right tools

Sick Submitter – it does a lot of low end stuff, it’s a manually run tool no matter what anyone says, but it does offer some other tools beside the manual profile links building and that seems to make it worth the low monthly fee, if you are willing to order some links packets to boost the power of what it does.

Article Marketing Demon – competitor to AMR but they don’t have livelinks (at least not yet) so this might not be worth looking into since they have similar # of directories to submit to as AMR just missing the crucial element of telling users the urls of their live articles.

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