Obfuscation of links

Obfuscation of links

Here’s a concept you might want to consider doing if you’ve already reached top rankings for certain keywords, and want to make it harder/more time-consuming for your current or future competition to compete with you.

The concept behind this is based on widely propagated advice from SEO experts who advise people to analyze their competitors inbound links profile then going out and trying to get as many of the same links as their competitors did.

Makes sense, right?

If your competitor is ranking well for a term, you can analyze their backlinks and sources then get the same amount of links, plus 1, in order to beat them right?

Possibly, yes, but….

If their on page SEO is better if their domains are aged longer then there’s really no way you can duplicate your site to match theirs, but you can come close…

Does this work? Yes, to some degree

However, what if you’re already highly ranked and want to keep your competitors busy building useless links so as to make it harder for them to start really competing with you?

Enter in the concept of link building obfuscation, smoke and mirrors link building…

When a current or future competitor sees your backlinks profile and start to get as many of those same links as you do, then you can increase # of backlinks to try and ward off those who could be intimidated by a site (yours) with 1000s of links already.

So, even if you’re already ranked well you should realize that truly competitive terms require maintenance link building anyways, but also know that to stay on top requires some other tactics too, even if its just to ward off potential competitors.

Someone analyzing your backlinks is relying on tools that never find all your backlinks anyway, but what they ARE presented with, not only is it an incomplete list, but there’s really no way your average backlinks analysis tool is going to tell anyone which links got any site to where it ranks today for certain terms.

Sure, you can do some guesswork and assume that the backlinks with PR and numerous backlinks to THOSE urls provided the value, the juice, the kick that propelled the sites to high SERPs-land but its really just a guessing game based on assumptions.

That’s why I recommend that you continue building links to a high ranked site of yours even if competition looks weak, or even non-existent.

The more links you build, the more challenging it seems to your competitors and the more directions you can send them in whilst trying to emulate your inbound links profile. This obfuscation buys you some time, and you’ll be giving yourself some advance notice because I’m sure you’re watching your top ranked site to see if anyone’s trying to “step to you”.

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