LinkLicious does RSS feed hosting and pinging

LinkLicious does RSS feed hosting and pinging

LinkLicious is a tool/service that will index or boost your backlinks by making and hosting RSS feeds (RSS link dumps) for you on their site, then will also ping those RSS feed urls to get them crawled.

Here’s how it works from an end user’s perspective.

You join (free)
Add links – take a list of forum profiles you had created, or your list of urls from Article Marketing Robot, My Link Club, The Link Juicer, or even your current list of credited links and paste them into an area on LinkLicious interface.
Specify how many links/urls you want in each RSS feed
LinkLicious takes that list of urls you provided and makes the RSS feeds
Then you get those RSS feeds pinged, and you can even schedule the RSS feeds creation and pinging schedules.

What’s the benefit or purpose to all of this?

To help get a massive amount of links CRAWLED, which is the first step towards getting a backlink indexed then credited.

Some other points of interest:

LinkLicious is good for DripFeedblasts users because they have an API that allows DFB to work directly with LL, so DFB links and campaigns can be directly ported over to your LinkLicious account automatically via their API to help get your automatically generated DFB backlinks indexed crawled ….automatically (kinda)

LinkLicious also does this with/for My Link Club users, and could work for The Link Juicer members, too. I’m not a fan of My Link Club or The Link Juicer right now because they’re indexing rates aren’t great and many urls generated get deleted, but the main issue is that not much gets indexed…

However, if you use either of those 2 services, you ARE indeed creating a lot of un-indexed backlinks and a service like LinkLicious is a good remedy for that. Some day this might change my mind about those programs and others like it, because they do give you the list of your generated backlinks so it could possibly be better than something like Unique Article Wizard which doesn’t give you a list of urls generated/published (such idiots).

Before you get this….

RSS feeds created are only hosted for 30 days, which is a major downside to this idea… but the whole idea of Link LinkLiciousis based only on getting urls crawled, so that your un-noticed, long-forgotten, un-indexed, non-credited backlinks out there on the Internet get closer to becoming



3- then credited…

Pinging calls attention to something but hardly ever permanently indexes, and the same goes for rss feed links, too and all that LinkLicious does is calls attention to “forgotten by the search engines” backlinks you created, so it only needs to be temporary, and that’s why it’s designed the way it is.

Some things will change on this service and I’ve discussed some ideas with Justin that will value-ad to an already valuable idea, so maybe my free consultations and advice will lead to a discount for future users someday.

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