How to design your site if it offers a service

How to design your site if it offers a service

I get a lot of requests for site, services, and tools reviews and the marketing man inside me just wants to scream sometimes because these sites are run mostly by link building SEO programming types whose site copy is kinda terrible.

I’m not a master copywriter by any means, but have dabbled in it enough to know/notice several things…

People want to know what a services does first and foremost, so put your pre-selling informational articles on a blog appended to your sales page and let your sales page do the work.

In the SEO world where people are looking for results and are somewhat detail-oriented, they/we want to know what is being offered.

How many links?
What kind of links?
Where are the links from?
Desktop or web-based tool or service?
Do we get reports?

MINIMAL pricing and ordering options are preferable, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve backed out of ordering something form a site when they made it so confusing for me to ascertain WTF I was gonna be ordering.

Put your offer on front page, make it read like a sales letter, put pricing options in highly visible spots, append a blog to the site where you talk shop about SEO, article marketing, testimonials, updates to the service etc….

When I go to a site, it’s usually by referral from someone else, and I don’t want to read about the reasons why I should do article marketing, or why profile slinks are better than article submissions links, or why I need SEO in the first place, or whatever…

Most readers and potential buyers are already sold on the idea of getting a certain type of service, therefore the pre-sell stuff really isn’t needed, but if pre-sell convincing is needed, then that’s what an informational blog is for, that’s what a FAQs page is for.

Don’t clutter up your money page with needless information, offer the potential buyers and readers the details they want (listed above)

If you’re offering a service for goodness sake put your name, picture, and other relevant contact info (Facebook, Twitter, business phone #, Skype, etc…) on the site and don’t use the generic WordPress contact page as the default contact us form, it’s a turn-off.

Your about me/us/our service pages….

Tell me why I should trust you, and who you are, don’t giving boring paragraphs like, XYZ is a service dedicated to providing quality blah blah blah to help blah blah blah reach more consumers via blah blah blah…

And don’t over-hype things too much either, your customer base might be some newbie webmaster,s but your real quality, long-term clients (if your service or offer is any good) are people like local SEO, pro-SEOs, people doing SEO for others, people doing SEO for themselves).

Save the hype, provide the best service you can, attract better clientele, listen to your customers, because we make YOU a living and we’re not pains in the butt, but the reason why you are making your mortgage payments or whatever…

We will ditch you and your service in a heartbeat once something better comes along, so evolve as you see fit, and as you deem necessary but evolve nonetheless.

The rest of us non-service-providers can hide behind our keyboards and remain anonymous but service providers should definitely NOT do this.

I’m jumping off my soapbox now but this needed to be said, at least by me, someone who sees a lot of good services and offers overshadowed by sites that don’t look good or are driving people away…

One final note… if you append a blog to your sales letter site, make it easy to find and prominently displayed, not buried down in the footer of your site… just redirect visitors from whatever site appendage you decide to employ back to main site, and this informational appendage entity should be addressing potential questions and concerns not just trying to rank for certain keywords and phrases you found it difficult to rank your sales letter url for.

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