HomePage Backlinks – results from using

HomePage Backlinks – results from using

HomePage Backlinks is a service that charges 97/month to place your anchor texted, do-follow backlink on the home page of 90-plus high Page Rank sites.

The links come from amidst a jumbled mix of content on a page that has 100s of other outbound links on there. (example site that does this but not one of Terry’s is DELETED). You might want to take a look at the inbound link profile of DELETED to see some sites using this service,

The service is run by Terry Kyle, a person who is somewhat knowledgeable about SEO, but wrong in some areas, unfortunately…. but let’s not focus on that, SEO is like a religion; everyone believes what they want to believe and if they do enough of the right things, then good things happen so….

Terry is a big user of and believer in high PR sites, whether it’s buying aged domains with PR and blasting them with links to rank them for whatever you want, or just buying them for other purposes, like sending link juice towards another site.

Terry’s also thinks the number of OBLs (outbound links) on a page doesn’t matter when it comes to providing or receiving link juice, and the reason I mention this is because his HomePageBacklinks network is just that, a network of sites whose front pages, whose main urls have high PR and lots of OBLs.

Terry’s proven that the whole OBLs thing doesn’t affect link juice provided, so it sort of helps knowing this before you consider getting his service here.

What HomePage Backlinks buyers get:

For $97, you will receive one link on:

2 PR6 site homepages
15 PR5 site homepages
40 PR4 site homepages
40 PR3 site homepages

I would not advise that you get this service (not yet anyway)…

I heard so many BAD things about it from other link service providers and seo dudes and dudettes, and I just ignored it for a while, but when I got an email saying they were open again and had some more slots available so I took the plunge to see for myself.

By the way, 97/month is the fee here and you’re renting links that disappear should you ever quit so they ONLY way this service could be recommended is if you were trying to bolster a site in the SERPs with a slew of high PR links, and if those high PR links helped, then you could allocate your time elsewhere to shore up[ your rankings, then change the URL that homepagebacklinks is linking to…

In other words, use it as a tool for temporarily giving new or old sites a boost in SERPs, for whatever reason.

So far though, it hasn’t done much for me but we’re about 2 weeks into it so not much expected so far.

Site 1 tested, Chronology…

Long-tail 4 word phrase,

low competition since it’s long tail

no other EMDS on page 1

Starting point- Not Ranked

14 or so days later – Pages 12-15

30 or so days later – Page 17

Dismal results and effects thus far…

I’m going to keep this service for another 2-4 months to give them time to all be credited:

Please don’t get this merely because I am reviewing it, there’s other proven services out there right now, and I can think of 3 other ways to get high PR links or PR-ed urls, permanently for close to same price, but they’ll not be rented links and one time fee.

If, or when I think this service is worth spending 97/month on, I will definitely let you know via an update on this post

Random thoughts about high PR links – the backlinks cause some weird Google dancing as they get noticed, and/or dropped. I ordered 300 high PR commenting links from another service (which shall remain nameless because I’m not sure they’re wort hit either), and I saw that the site being linked to bounced around quite a bit over the course of 2-3 months. And by the way, that site was #11 for a monster term a few days ago at the time of this writing, but of course today it’s page 3…. typical 🙁

Have I ever rented high PR links before?

Yes, I rented a Pr4 link for 5 months, and the only OBL/url/backlink on this site was to my destination site. The link renter selling me the link is/was a big proponent of the theory that the less OBLs there are on a url, then more value the link gives, and the more PR it can pass, potentially.

My site didn’t gain PR during those 5 months
Rankings didn’t increase, then again it’s muy dificil to outrank SEOBook for stuff
Dropping the rented PR link a month ago, didn’t affect my rankings nor the site’s PR, it actually went up for a change recently.

So once again, it’s tempting to use a service like HomePage Backlinks because it’s Terry’s offering, and he knows his stuff, has gone to great measures to prove his OBLs points ( # of OBLs doesn’t affect link juice url gives, basically is what he says)

Should I/you/we build out a high PR network much like HPB?

Well, obviously the concept would need to prove itself first (hasn’t yet, not even close), but it it does, here’s some numbers games to play….

97/month times X 3 months is about 300 dollars…

300 dollars can buy you 10-30 domains with PR, in my case, maybe 6 @ 50 each for 300.00

Long story short here, if you bought 6 domains with PR for 300 dollars you’d have 6 permanent high PR links, and you’d have to spend 300/month for another 15 months 4.5k or so (6 X 15 = 90, +6 from month before = 96) to get what HomePageBacklinks gives you for 97/month, temporarily.

To me using HPB is worth it as a investment in education for me because I’ve never really put much stock into the “power” of high PR backlinks, but it it ever does work in this case study, then I imagine we could all work together to build out a 1.5k network of sites, all with PR, just from readers of this blog o’ mine.

It’d be a high PR donor blog network that would sort of work the way authority link network does, except that your links would be on the high PR-ed url of the sites, not on PR 0f inner urls. Of course, once the sites are bought and/or donated, we’d have to maintain the PR indefinitely which is an added wrinkle to consider, too.

But I digress, and maybe I’m revealing too much of my thought process here, but suffice to say, if this works, then it means I’ll finally build out a high PR network of sites, and make a (free?0 donor service for readers here, and not even my list will know about this.

NOTES: Is this test valid? Should I/you/we expect a brand new site with hardly any links to rank with a slew of high PR backlinks in just a few weeks?

There seems to be some questions about the validity of this test, so I wanted to give some additional information here.

#1- I’ve used some 2 different packages of paid for high PR commenting backlinks to rank new-ish sites

#2- HomePage Backlinks’ sales page says that the best use of their service is for aged sites that are already ranked page 2-3 for a certain keyword…

So is the test valid?

Yes, because I’ve received good results, OPTIMAL results with lower-powered backlinks that were high PR for the same kind of site being linked to (new sites with little to no backlinks and/or rankings)

Is this test a good example of best use of this service?

Apparently not, which is why the sales page says to use it for established sites that already have backlinks and established rankings.

I think that in 3 months time the site WILL rank for the keyword I chose.

After that time arrives, I will switch the campaign over to a site that should receive optimal results (established site ranked for certain keywords) and do a test on it that way, but for now, to maintain the validity of the test, the same url and keyword will remain in place in their network

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