Google Toolbar incompatible with Chrome

Google Toolbar incompatible with Chrome

Web browsers have been an integral part of any online business. Many web browsers came out with the advent of new technologies being developed. As of today famous browsers such as Mozilla Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari among others have constantly been locked in battle against each other, mostly a battle about what browser is the best. It is because of this band wagon on the creation and development of web browsers that the search engine giant Google has developed their own web browser called Google Chrome. Google chrome is the search engine company’s answer to the growing number of web browsers that are out in the market. Chrome displays a whole new look and interface that is of course Google centered or so it seems. It has been found out in recent tests that Google’s own toolbar that integrates well with internet explorer and Mozilla firefox is unable to be installed in Google Chrome. This is ironic as the program that was created by Google itself to augment the web browsers’ toolbar according to the specifications of Google is not able to be installed in their very own web browser. Upon installing the toolbar 5 of Google into Google Chrome the error message: “ We’re sorry but the Google toolbar 5 is only available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer”. Although there is a little need for the Google toolbar when you are using Google Chrome due to some interfaces were already incorporated, this incompatibility however sends the wrong signal to Google users and even first-time Google users.

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