Google to Let YouTubers Gain

Google to Let YouTubers Gain

In the past YouTube was once being considered by many as a losing arm of Google. This may have been attributed to the fact that the website YouTube is a free online social video network that allows people from all walks of life to publish or broadcast their home made video online. Since its acquisition Google has not been gaining significantly from the website not until the past months where it was reported that the new advertising scheme that Google has incorporated with its videos, like a type of an advertising commercial inserted in every video, has been raking up significant amount of money from advertisers, not to mention a planned tie-up with Walt Disney and even the proposed broadcasting of movie trailers online. It is because of this growth in the income of YouTube, Google wanted to share the profits with its loyal users. Google has come up with a scheme that allows the video uploader to gain a portion from the advertising income when he or she has produced and uploaded a video that has gone viral. This means that there should be a significant number of views that a video must have, therefore not everyone who uploads videos in YouTube will be given such portion in the advertising income. Certain criteria have to be met by the video before income share will be given to the uploader.

One such important criteria is that a video must become viral or in other term famous, where the video should gain a considerable amount of viewers, this criteria is important because of the fact that when advertisements are added into viral videos it has better chances of increasing revenue both for YouTube and the user. People who have regularly been uploading videos through YouTube can start earning profits via the company’s ad-partnership program. This is a program that will be applied using the so called one-off hit scheme where Google will invite video uploaders who’s videos qualify for the ad-partnership program and thus would only allow those videos who qualify to earn through their video. Up to this time Google has not disclosed how many hits or views should a video have before it qualifies to the ad-partnership program.

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