Google Social Search a Conflict With Google Search?

Google Social Search a Conflict With Google Search?

Search engine giant Google recently announced that they were putting together results from social media sites like Twitter into their search pages. This is also something that their search rival, Bing, is apparently doing. However, there are differences with how the two are doing it.

Google’s “Social Search” results can be seen through your Google profile. The results that you see will be culled from your existing social networks rather than showing all relevant results. Google appears to have an idea that Social Search results limited to your existing network would help them show you only the results that are the most relevant to you.

It seems that Google wants you fill out a social profile with them because they want to aggregate all of your profile activity and then allow you to interact with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn without ever leaving the Google environment online. This is also increasingly seen in Google’s other web-based applications such as Google Docs, Chrome, and Andriod. This appears to be an antithesis to what Google said they are.

However, it seems that Bing is more successful here as it is at the verge of integrating Twitter and other social properties in a much more open, accessible, and visible way. The advantage of Bing is that its results are based on your search query instead of just on your existing network. This then makes new content visible and promotes the free flow of information.

It seems that Bing is much closer to the future while Google is still grappling their identity.

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