Google Dominates Bing Last December

Google Dominates Bing Last December

Google remains to be the most important search engine there is today despite the presence of Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. This is even despite the fact that the two search companies have merged together in order to share resources where it is hoped that such move would topple and end Google’s reign over the field of search engines. Google remains steadfast amidst the changes the its competitors have undertaken, the wide acceptance on the search engine, with the exception of China, makes the search engine giant a dominant force in the internet. Proof of this dominance by Google is evidenced by the December survey done by the research firm Nielsen wherein the research company focused in the December United States search rankings.

It was found out in Nielsen’s research that web users last December have queried more than 9.9 Billion times. Out of the 9.9 billion queries Google was able to capture around 6.7 billion queries which is 67.3 percent share in a month’s worth of internet searches.

Even with its pending merger with Microsoft and its focus on other matters other than its search engine query department, Yahoo still remained in second place wherein it was queried by around 1.4 billion times. Its future partner Microsoft Bing comes in third with 989 million queries or about 9.9 percent market share. The other search engines ranked last by garnering 1.7 percent, which means that although such is only a small search engine it still captures part of the market.

The increase in Google’s user-base showed that Google is a force to reckon with. In their efforts to increase the user experience and to let the users find the answer to their query.

With all the hype about Google/s continued increase in its total number of customers or internet user visits, it is to be noticed also that Bing decreased in internet visitors’ share, this may be another proof that Google have dominated Bing even at least in the month of December.

With the integration of social networks and real-time posts as part of their search results, the stage is again set for the two giants to collide and whoever wins, the hope is that such integration will play to the benefit of the client or user.

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