Gmail Outage Investigation Result

Gmail Outage Investigation Result

Last week it has been reported that Google has encountered a huge technical difficulty, such difficulty was particularly focused on Google’s email service Gmail. Gmail’s free email service has shutdown causing people who have accounts and who relies on the services of the company for communication through email were left to fend for themselves. It is no secret that email is now one of the most widely used form of communication that is why when Gmail started to go haywire many have freaked out knowing that they will or might not receive those important communications whether it be personal or business. After a thorough investigation regarding the incident Google has released or published their findings which points to the overload in the Contacts service in Gmail. During this time, according to the report, Gmail users were unable to access their Gtalk accounts and users were even prohibited from adding users in the Google Apps account which are both controlled under the Gmail services of the search engine company giant. Events that eventually led to the non-accessibility of the whole Gmail service among different Gmail subscribers, after one hour of dilemma the Gmail services were successfully restore and services were back to normal. Although such prohibition of access to the services of Gmail lasted only for one hour, Google has sent its deepest and sincerest apologies admitting their error and promising to give quality service to each and every Google subscriber or user. An apology that is well expressed despite of the fact that such is considered by many to be a minor technical issue.

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