MVI will begin with a website analysis, identifying practical modifications for improving the websites performance, prior to SEO implementation. The Search Term Analysis includes a pinpointed research and analysis of both your target market and the behavioral trends of searchers within this group – which will consequently result in search terms to be implemented in the form of fresh content on your website.

# META & Image Tags, Image Optimisation & W3C Compliance

MVI will implement modifications to the websites code to ensure that it complies with the Internet standards set out by the W3C ( We will edit all Meta tags, titles, headers, links, image tags and so forth to be most attractive to search engine spiders and crawlers. This procedure includes implementing all potential modifications identified in point website analysis phase. We will also ensure that all the websites imagery is ideally optimised for usable and easy downloads.

# Search Term Integration & Web Copywriting

MVI has a team of experienced SEO copywriters who will write pages of keyword rich content to be amended to the website – ensuring search term densities are compliant with regulations and standards set by major search engines – as well as incorporating other useful and effective keywords into your website content.

# Link Building & Maintenance as well as Boost! & Cluster Implementation

MVI own a number of web servers across the globe dedicated to hosting a library of rich content, which changes on a regular basis. Our current information store is in the region of 180,000 pages, indexed regularly and ranked by the search engines.

A crucial factor in our SEO process is to insert your website in our proprietary Boost! and Cluster software. The net result is a plethora of inbound deep linked pages i.e. not just to your home page, but nested deep into your site structure, targeting the specific keyword phrases that were identified in the initial evaluation and content creation.

An ongoing procedure includes link building and maintenance. As top search engines (i.e. Google) take into account the pagerank of a website that is linking to you, it is important to select websites that are ranked and positioned highly on major search engines to have pointing to your website. The process includes identifying strategic websites and having them link to your website.

Apart from merely generating a range of inbound links, MVI Search may submit press releases to strategic directories, forums and blogs, offering informative content about your company and offering. In addition, this content will integrate several of the said keywords.

# Submission to Search Engines

Unlike Google, some search engines run rather like directories (i.e. Ananzi), where the web master needs to list the website, rather than merely waiting for the search engine to crawl the web for new editions. MVI will submit your website to an array of such search engines.

# Weekly Ranking Reports

We provide tracking services that constantly track your web site positioning in the major search engines. Based on your input of key phrases, reports are generated showing the current day ranking of the domain in question, across the major search engines.

# Monthly Maintenance & Updates

Monthly maintenance and updates include continued efforts to keep your website competitive for the contracted period. We also offer ongoing support for any questions you may have as well as suggestions for future online marketing campaigns.


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