Getting Listed to Yahoo

Getting Listed to Yahoo

Search engine optimisations’ sub-goal is to allow the website to be indexed among those major search engines. It was observed before that if your website is indexed in one of the major search engine especially Google those who rank lower would eventually index your website. This is true even to Yahoo before but since it’s merger with the Operating system giant Microsoft, it had dropped this criteria and it now independently indexes the different websites, which means that it has a totally different search engine algorithm than that of the leading search engine Google. It is because of this development that getting indexed to Yahoo would now entail a lot of SEO work. The following are simple steps that you could do to hopefully have your website indexed by Yahoo.

The first step to this is to make sure that your website is fully developed for review. This means that every link in your website should be valid and there should be no broken links, a site map is always a good thing to add in your website in order for the search engine or Yahoo to easily navigate your website. This also includes the presence of your keywords in the meta tag of your HTML document or web page in order for the search engine to know on what keywords are you trying to be indexed in. In addition, your should make sure that your website contains enough or sufficient contents, and not just any contents but relevant contents and contents that deserved to be indexed or listed in the website. Aside from incorporating relevant contents your content must also engage the reader and his or her interests be ignited, this is to entice the visitor to keep on reading and thus preventing bounce rates.

Second step is for you to submit your website for Yahoo to review via the suggest a site icon link. Now Yahoo’s reviewers are checking a lot of websites daily sometimes amounting to hundreds if not thousands. This is why it would be prudent on your part to create an interesting website that will catch the attention of the reviewer. Finally wait for the result, if your website is not yet indexed in six weeks then resubmit it again but this time try to make sure of your websites’ validity and readiness to be indexed, keep on resubmitting every six weeks if you are not yet indexed still.

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