Five Ways to Supplement your Search Engine Optimization

Five Ways to Supplement your Search Engine Optimization

With everything that stacks on us as business owners it’s often easy to forget that we need to constant engage our web presence in order to market to our target audience online. You may have hired an affordable search engine optimization agency but settling back and letting them run the show is the bare minimum. There’s a lot you can do to supplement their efforts – here are 5 quick tips to help explode your presence and visibility online:

Go After Competitor Keywords

Some might call it shameless but it’s a powerful way to keep up with competition, especially if you know that those are the money keyword for a competitor. Granted not every keyword they target is going to be the best choice – especially if they’re targeting and ranking for extremely competitive terms. You can however examine those competitive terms and see if there are long tail variations to start bringing in more focused traffic without all the competition.

Aim For Double Listings

A double indented listing is like gold in the search results. It’s a great way to get a dominate share of the market for specific keywords and to ensure that you’re getting high click through rates from organic traffic. To achieve this, work with you’re an affordable search engine optimization company to get multiple pages of your site ranking for similar keywords. Additionally, make sure those keywords link to one another to share the relevancy utilizing anchor text for those targeted keywords. It’s not guaranteed to work but when done correctly you increase your odds of getting a double listing (or more) in the search results.

Use Google for Quality Keyword Research

You might be able to get some great keyword data using expensive and often fancy SEO related tools but nothing beats getting down into the trenches and doing a little manual keyword research – those programs usually pull the same data anyway. You can get more intimate with your keywords when you start digging into search results. You can find variations and suggestions for similar keywords along with long tail variations that bring more targeted traffic – each of which tend to be less competitive and can give you an edge in your market.

Optimize On-PAge as Well as Off

An affordable search engine optimization service can certainly get you the quality links and rank you need, but before they can do anything your website needs to be relevant and ready to receive that traffic. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your content you may want to make sure that your titles, your alt-tags, anchored links and body content are relevant to the new key words that you’re targeting. If you’re not sure how, your SEO company can help you.

Know Your Link Quality

Link quality is important – far more important than quantity. Just because you have more links doesn’t mean you’ll beat out all the competitors. Some of them can trump you with fewer high quality links. If you want to do link building on your own then make sure the links you create are coming from authority sites that are relevant to your market – and always get a link using relevant anchor text where possible.

Keep these 5 things in mind and you’ll be able to provide your own force to push your website along in the search results. Just remember that when you’re working with an SEO agency, you should always let them know what you plan to do to supplement their efforts and if they have any suggestions based on your intentions.

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