Factors Affecting Indexing

Factors Affecting Indexing

Search engine optimisation though considered to be a very lucrative market, is a very tedious and long process. This may be attributed to the fact that the results of your SEO implementation does not or are not seen overnight. There is a time frame that you have to wait for before you can actually see the results or the fruits of y our labor, for some the time frame may last for a week or so while for some it might take months or even years. The very first result that would indicate that your SEO campaign is paying off is when search engines have already indexed your site, which means for a particular keyword entered into the search engine box or query box your website will be returned as part of the search engine results page. There are several factors that would affect the indexing of your website that is why there are also different time frames that an SEO agent or SEO company must wait before the effect of their SEO campaign is seen.

First factor is the presence of search engine algorithms in all search engines. Search engine algorithms are the different standards or criteria that the search engines are following in order to index and rank a website , if your website does not conform to any of the given standards therefore would result to the non-indexing of your website.

Second factor is the competitiveness of the keywords used. Websites are indexed according to the keywords that the SEO or website owner chose. Some keywords may prove to be very competitive, that is there is a lot of optimised websites that are using the same keyword which would then make it hard for your website to be indexed on with the same keyword.

The last factor that may affect the indexing of your website is relevance of your keywords to your content and with your overall website theme. This means that your chosen keywords must be in line with your content and with your over all website theme and design, this is because of the fact that search engine algorithms now recognises relevance as one important factor for a site to be indexed, a website may be keyword rich but would still end up as a spam website in the search engines’ list if such keyword and content are not relevant with each other or with the websites’ overall theme.

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