Facebook Becoming the Next Search

Facebook Becoming the Next Search

While search engines are continuously locking horns with each other a new phenomenon in terms of search engine optimisation or specifically in the field of developing virtual communities and in the field of online advertising. This phenomenon is the rise to popularity of the different social media networks. The social media networks such as Facebook have been developed primarily to connect friends and college buddies who are not already on the same geographical location, but because of this bridging of space and time through the internet social media is starting to become a big hit among internet users.

According to a survey conducted, Facebook, a type of social media network, have been leading the survey in terms of being the top source for internet traffic . This means that social media networks are effective in driving traffics to and from the target website. It is because of this result from the Web measurement firm called Compete Inc. that Facebook is now being considered by many SEO companies and SEO consultants in utilising it’s benefits or capabilities of driving traffic to the target website. It is because of these benefits that search engines have developed their real-time search feature which would include but not limited to microblogs or tweets and even comments and posts in the website.

It is because of the social media network’s aim to develop virtual communities that information is then easily passed. It is because of this reason why traffic is seen to be easily sourced from social media networks. With the help of virtual communities you are able to call for a market catalog or is able to create an avenue where you could start to market or “recommend” the product or services being offered online by the target website. Since communities are formed through interests it is imperative that the product being promoted to them must also be inline with their website’s line of business. Relevance is still the key in order to become a force to reckon with specially in the field of search or in social media networks.

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