Effective Directory Submission

Effective Directory Submission

Knowing now that directories are different from search engines, and also understanding the fact that the review or evaluation system prior to the inclusion of your website to the directory list is done manually by humans it is therefore imperative to know the different guidelines that may affect the inclusion or non-inclusion of your website into certain directories. It is in this way that SEO companies and SEO consultants will be able to gauge the proper way of submitting their directories which would be effective in saving time and money.

First guideline is that you do not have to bother with keywords, this is because of the fact that keywords does not play any significant role in the determination on whether or not your website will be listed. However, what would matter most is on how well or regularly your websites’ content is being updated. If you keep your content fresh that would be the first step for you in attaining a good review from the human editor.

Aside from content, links are also deemed to be very important because of the fact that these are the connections of your website to other websites or your web pages to other web pages within your website. Make sure to keep these links valid and pointing only to relevant websites, it would be pointless to link to a totally unrelated website since another criteria is relevance.

When submitting your website you must properly categorise your website. It is you, the website owner or the submitter who will determine where your website should fall under, therefore you have to submit your website only to the most appropriate category otherwise you will risk being denied of inclusion into the directory. This is again where the field of relevance will again come in because when you categorise your website it should be within the most relevant category and not to just any category.

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