Dealing With Directories

Dealing With Directories

One of the strategies in search engine optimisation is link building and one of the most common link building strategy that is being utilised by most SEO companies and SEO consultants is directory submission. The process of directory submission is common and very easy as long as you know how to categorise your website, which of course is a basic given knowledge for every website owners or SEO companies and SEO consultants.

The submission process may be very easy but the question would be whether or not the directory submission process that you have performed would be beneficial to your SEO or link building campaign. That is why prior to using the directory submission process or strategy it is imperative to know and understand what a directory is.

A directory is different from a search engine, although the process of submission may be similar. Directories functions to collect and categorise links leading to outside or other websites. The database of the search directories are populated by people and not by any bots or crawlers. Although, the search directories are populated by people it is not that easy to become accepted into the directory list because of the fact that the websites being submitted must conform to the directory’s standards and that the websites are assessed by humans and not following a certain algorithm. It is because of the fact that a real person reviews the website that directories are still considered to be an integral part of the link building process. The importance of directories is further augmented by the fact that categorisation is deemed to be more accurate due to the fact that a human person actually and definitely checks the websites being submitted for listing in order to determine correct categorisation and listing. However, it is also due to the human intervention and the bulk of websites being submitted for assessment that a website will take several days to several months of waiting before it will be finally be accepted for listing.

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