Content Crooner review

Content Crooner review

This isn’t a full-fledged review or anything for Content Crooner, and it’s going to be real short…you might even say it’s not a real Content Crooner review because we didn’t use it for very long and don’t have stats backing up the review, so be it… just disclosing that here and now, and you can join them if you want I have moved on past it and won’t be back to review it, sorry…

Content Crooner- We used it, submitted several articles, ran into difficulties submitting articles, and once we got past the submissions process, ran into more issues with submissions acceptance. Therefore, once we actually achieved syndication, it was poor, minimal and not worth the monthly fee.

We didn’t use it long enough to measure stats because it was such a bear to use and the effort just wasn’t worth sticking with this monthly fee service for 3 months like we usually do.

I know I usually do a review for 3 months and provide ongoing updates, but we bailed on this after the second month started, so that’s basically this hybrid opinion/review of Content Crooner.

Side Note: We’re reviewing Submit Your Article now, and it’s not looking good at all, but this is one service we’re tracking submissions and backlinks and rankings and what-not for for full duration, 3 months, merely because there’s so many review requests for it.

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