Can Web Hosting Effect Your SEO?

Can Web Hosting Effect Your SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a complex process involving several strategies that when you compound their effects would amount to achieving one single goal and that is to increase the target websites’ SERP or the search engine results page ranking of the said target website. There are several factors affecting the SEO process, such factors will range from the off-site field or those SEO techniques that are done outside of the actual target website, and the on-site SEO where the strategies are implemented by manipulating the actual website or its corresponding web pages. One factor however that is often overlooked is the type of web hosting. Web hosting is of course the process of storing your web pages into the server. A web host is a service that allows you to publish your website and have the necessary file or files to be readily accessed by your website visitors through the server. On an SEO point of view the question on whether web hosting will affect your SEO campaign or not had to be addressed.

Search engine optimisations’ aim is to not only give or boost your websites’ search engine results page ranking, rather it also dwells on increasing your website’s conversion rate which would of course tantamount to an increase in revenue. Web hosting does not only provide you with storage but also several other features that might or will help you achieve your SEO goals. Some web host have tied-up with SEO companies which gives you services on submissions and other SEO strategies at a discounted price. Web hosts also provide you with the different tools that you might need in your business such as a personalised email and web development tools.

In choosing a web host however, you need implement a stringent scrutinisation process in order for you to choose the best, most appropriate and cost-efficient web hosting package. In addition when you have finally chosen your web host make sure that you at least purchase an account subscription for a year or more, this is because of the fact that search engines also give weight to the number of years that your account is subscribed to for the sole reason that it is interpreted by search engines that your website is going to last for a long time and it is not just a transient website which is going to be utilised for black hat techniques.

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