Backlinks Genie Updated + Ongoing Review

Backlinks Genie Updated + Ongoing Review

I’ve used Backlinks Genie for a couple of months now are here are some of my experiences.

BLG’s automated blog commenting – is somewhat anemic, lacking power and you could use Scrapebox to do the same kind of thing but of course with some manual effort (minor). That’s my opinion based on using this feature on a site not well optimized for a pluralization of a keyword that was in the domain name . One the site I tested BLG was sending out 500 comments for links/day and site currently has 983 links to it according to Yahoo Site Explorer, is ranked #3 for its main term, and went from Page 2 /3 to page 1, position 8 (currently) for the single kw/term/anchor text I used this for a test on.

NOTE: I sorta “gamed” the test to make it hard for BLG comments to work because I wanted to see just how much power these links could have. If they could rank the aforementioned site for a term it wasn’t properly optimized for (singular version of a pluralized keyword in exact match domain) then that means these links were powerful, but they’re not THAT powerful but they do work to a decent degree.

Note 2: Another tester/user of BLG who used the commenting feature said it works well and here are his results:

Used commenting for 1 month
BEFORE: Ranked around 100 for 10 different keywords
AFTER: In top 20 for all 10 keywords now

BLG’s Profile link wheels sound like a great idea, but it’s kind of not worth it. The whole idea behind using profiles link wheel link building from high PR sites is to build links to other profiles urls, so one url links to the other thereby getting the next one indexed when the previous one gets indexed and since these links are on high PR sites, someday there will be link juice passed down form main site to your profile then that profile will pass PR or link juice towards the profile urls they’re linking to. The major caveat here is that this leaves a centralized point of failure, so if some profiles urls get deleted, then the chain has been broken the PR and link juice passage is broken and you’re left with simple plain direct links from high PR sites, which is nothing rare or hard to acquire via other means.

NOTE: With high PR forum profile links, the alleged value is in getting more powerful links, but the major downside is that you are only allowed to generate like 60/day of these with BLG and with a certain percentage that’s always going to be deleted, the chain is surely going to be broken and you’re better off skipping this “fancy pants” style of linking and just focus more on more numerous direct links.

BLG’s Web 2.0 submissions – This is where I think BLG shines, because it’s doing something different here, they’re taking Web 2.0 posting to another level with their re-posting feature. If you’ve ever used tools like SEO Link robot or Rank Builder or SE nuke to build Web 2.0 sites, then you know that your web 2.0s get deleted after a while.

If you’ve ever built your Web 2.0s manually like I have done, then you know that adding more content to them makes them seem less like bot-created “sites” therefore they tend to get deleted at a far lower rate than the bot created sites do.

With BLG’s re-posting to Web 2.0 accounts created for you, you’re getting the best of both worlds because you’re creating Web 2.0s that get created well, get created automatically, remain UN-deleted, and the links stick. And like I mentioned before, if you build Web 2.0s manually then re-post to them to add more content not only do your sites remain present and indexed, but they eventually gain some passed-down Page Rank form the authority of the main domains they reside on, thereby creating powerful backlinks (ones with PR and link juice).

In my opinion, it’s far better to build less sites/links that remain UN deleted so they end up passing on higher quality links. This is a long-term view that appeals to me…

Latest Feature from Backlinks Genie – they have 2 new features one of which is the Web 2.0 re-posts mentioned earlier and the other one is a combo deal whereby they combine all of their features into a 3-day “surge” of links.

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