Article Marketing and Submissions service

Article Marketing and Submissions service

Dan’s got a crew of decent writers on his staff and they can pump out some articles pretty quickly, and the articles are decent too.

What they like to do is submit articles to EzineArticles, then if you want, spin them after EZA accepts them and submit to AMR for you.

They have several pricing options, all depend son what you want done, but here’s the deal with how this service is done and sort of different from what you might be used to.

Why EZA first?

To make sure the articles are good enough to be accepted by the human reviewers there, then once accepted there, you can get spun versions to submit elsewhere, either on your own and have them do it.

What else do they do?

If you need site content written for you, then you could ask for that as well, and if it’s not to your liking then the writer gets flak for that, the feedback is welcomed but I caution Dan to not be slapped around by picky clients who want constant revisions either.

Does Dan know SEO and marketing?

Yes, he does and that’s important when dealing with a service provider, because you want them (him) to know what you’re trying to accomplish SEO-wise, rankings-wise, and also, much more importantly, marketing-wise. He’s flipped sites for good money, he’s ranking sites for tough terms, he uses several of the service I recommended with good effects (pardon my ego here), and he’s done well by me with the orders I’ve placed.

He’s also provided some higher-priced top-notch writer to do special rush project for some people I have on my Skype looking for help and they’ve been happy with him.

What exactly have I used with article marketing service for?

On-site content
EZA submissions
AMR spin submits

Has everything worked out well for me using his service?

For the most part, yes, but in one case I ordered a bunch of articles to flesh out a site I didn’t really care about and the articles were not good, but I never asked for rewrites of the content, which I would have received, I just didn’t care really.

As far a link building is concerned, I’ve seen positive results with his service and backlinks acquired from using it….

How service could be better?

Gotta focus more on the CTR of the articles in EZA because EZA is one site, one IP address and repeated backlinks obtained from a single source don’t pass a huge amount of value, which is why you want the CTR of the articles to be high, like around 30% or so. It all well and good to have a bunch of articles and backlinks from EZA, but if the single source backlinks theory holds true, then it’s good deal to have ArticleSearchEngineMarketing provide you with spun versions of the EZA article submissions so you can get more diverse backlinks.

Like any article submissions service, it’s run by people who like to write and thus the options on what to order tends to be somewhat wordy, or over-worded and not clear. It needs to be simpler to the customer or client on what we get when ordering, what to expect, like time frames, number of article submissions being done, and where to, and do we get the list of urls, etc…

What do I want to know when using a service for article marketing?

Do I get the original article? Yes
Can I get original article spun for me and sent to me by email? Yes
Can I get these spins submitted for me? Yes
Will I get a list of where my articles are submitted? Yes
When will I get these lists? Depends on what you order

Do I (Dan) recommend ArticleSearchengineMarketing? Yes

Yes, if you want to outsource your article marketing and build some quality links via EZA and other top article directories (AMR directories aren’t top-level directories).

I still use this service and will continue to do so, but I’m sort of known as a reviewer of things so I still use other services for testing stuff out.

Dan’s done well by me and I promised him an on site review, despite the fact that it will probably cost me some affiliate sales for certain things I recommend and he uses or could use for you (like doing AMR submissions which can be quite a bear sometimes). Dan also reviewed SEO Link Robot for me and is giving me feedback on Magic Submitter products, and I appreciate his help with that so it’s only fair that I help draw attention to his service and to let you know about it, especially since I see people asking me who to outsource AMR submissions too.

Dan tries hard to please his clients and fulfills all orders and tells you when to expect them done by so there’s no false promises here. ArticleSearchEngineMarketing is NOT an SEO service so don’t expect that from them don’t expect on-page SEO advice or help with keyword selection or link building advice or anything like that. It’s a service that can free up some of your time, so use it/them wisely (if at all)…

There are some powerful ways you could leverage this service even further, but the main important, unique aspect to this is their articles are guaranteed to be accepted by EZA, therefore somewhat decent quality, therefore the spins will be decent enough to submit elsewhere to further your link building efforts.

I hope this review seems fair and yet leaning towards the positive side for you but I’m writing my exact thoughts here on this, and again please let me reiterate that EZA links aren’t the end-all, be-all for backlinks but the quality backlinks, albeit on just one site, it’s the potential for article syndication that’s true power here, and here’s an article marketing tip for you as seen on the AMR forum: submit a 100% unique version of an article to the best article directory (directories) first then submit the spins elsewhere, and that’s basically what they can do for you.

I chatted with Dan about my concerns on the EZA articles’ CTR and that’s gonna get worked on, only takes a few simple copywriting tips to improve your CTRs there, and there’s a potential for a big waste of potential direct traffic by not improving the click through on the EZA resource boxes.

I don’t have stats on my CTR from EZAs they submitted for me but I know my personally-written EZA articles hover around 25-30% and I think an article marketing service should focus on this a bit more if they’re to be deemed a “true” article marketing service, not just an article submissions service (bit of a difference there).

NOTE: I just ordered 50 more EZAs from them after discussing my concerns for getting better CTR (direct traffic form the articles and I WILL track those moving forward to let you know how those are doing)

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